QPC strives towards the ideal of affordable “Net Zero” solutions in the total sense of the concept and has evolved its own strategic vision of the systems that are required to achieve this objective:

Sustainable Water Systems focus on the management and harvesting of storm/rainwater and water production from air to enable a sustainable water supply.

Sustainable Building Systems offers alternative building solutions and GreenWise has recently launched it’s internally developed VersiDeck and VersiFloor building solutions at the Africa Construction Expo held in May 2018 in Midrand. VersiDeck is a decking solution built on a rainwater harvesting tank substructure while VersiFloor is a permeable outdoor flooring solution with an integrated rainwater harvesting tank.

Sustainable Recycle Systems focus on waste recycling with specific emphases on Grey Water Recycling.

Sustainable Living Systems Systems focus on green living aspects such as green walls and green roofs.

Sustainable Energy Systems offers customers ‘off-grid’ green power for residential and commercial use.

Sustainable Heating Systems addresses customer requirements for eco-friendly water and space heating solutions.