KEOPE K2 + Grid2

The KEOPE K2 product is an intelligent paving system of rectified, 2cm thick porcelain stoneware tiles for outdoor applications.

The KEOPE K2 product consists of a 2cm thick, full body porcelain range of tiles for outdoor use. The K2 range is made up of 16 tile collections, 44 beautiful colours and 12 rectified sizes. K2 introduces a new design perspective for Architects and Design Professionals who now have a new tool at their fingertips. K2 offers a complete, versatile approach to creating seamless tiling running from indoors to outdoors since the 2cm thick outdoor collections work perfectly in conjunction with the 1 cm thick KEOPE range of indoor collections.

K2 is an ever-evolving product range devised to meet the technical and creative needs of contemporary designers. With K2, design freedom is extended to the outdoors allowing for seamless integration of indoor and outdoor design while the K2 GRID system provides a stable levelled raised platform that can support even the largest 240cm x 120cm K2 porcelain slabs.

  • Hard wearing, non-slip surface for all applications including wet swimming pool areas.
  • Easy to fit: rectified monocaliber.
  • Withstands high breaking loads.
  • Can be driven over when correctly installed.
  • Suitable for raised flooring, or for flooring dry-laid on gravel and sand.
  • Removable, inspectable and re-usable.
  • Withstands sudden temperature changes and is frost resistant.
  • Resistant to mildew, moss and verdigris treatments and is salt proof.
  • Easy to clean.

K2 laying systems offer the ideal solution for outdoor areas needing high technical performance and good resistance features.

K2 slabs can be laid dry, straight onto sand, gravel and grassy surfaces, making them instantly usable, without the need for a substrate or the use of mortars and adhesives. No specialised installation equipment required.

The 2 cm thickness of K2 tiles, together with the conventional adhesive laying method, allows users to create sturdy tiling which can withstand the weight of traffic of all kinds, as well as parked cars.

K2 tiles also fit perfectly with advanced support and K2 GRID systems used to created raised flooring, which can overcome flatness problems and provide room for housing plumbing and electrical facilities.

The vast K2 assortment of trims offers specific solutions for all kinds of designs and the smallest construction detail. From steps, to pools, to walkways, with K2, architectural continuity and functionality are guaranteed.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly – K2 is UNI ISO 14064 and EU Ecolabel certified.

K2 is US LEED compliant and Support US LEED™ credits