The company was originally founded by its CEO in 2008 with an initial focus on the design of eco-friendly, green modular data centres. This focus brought the company in contact with a wide spectrum of advanced energy efficient technologies in the building, energy and cooling environments which had to be integrated into a modular design that could be scaled to any requirement. It was soon realised that these technologies have a much wider application in the South African environment and that very few companies focus on providing customers with integrated sustainable systems that cover their end to end requirements for sustainable green living.

Now trading as GreenWise, the company fully supports the World Green Building Council view on how sustainable, green buildings, offices and homes can support the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and fully endorses the GBCSA commitment at COP21 to introduce a “Net Zero” building certification scheme by 2020 that will potentially cover energy, carbon emissions, water and waste.

GreenWise has integrated a comprehensive set of green products into its systems and solutions that offer our clients an extensive range of sustainable solutions. We are particularly proud to be the exclusive Southern African distributor for the Singapore based company ELMICH PTE LTD who is the leading provider of state-of-the-art and ecocentric urban landscaping, waterproofing, drainage and storm-water management solutions to developers, contractors and architects globally. QPC shares their vision to provide affordable sustainable building solutions to create liveable cities! GreenWise has recently also been appointed as a South African distributor of Ceramiche KEOPE, one of the most renowned manufacturers of green certified porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles globally – See press release here. GreenWise distributes their K2 Green Certified outdoor range exclusively while supplying their normal indoor tiles on a project basis.

As Reseller, GreenWise can also integrate the innovative INTEWA products for the saving and re-use of rain and grey water into our customer solutions while also being able to provide our customers with an economical, green, whole house water and space heating solution.
GreenWise is proud to offer its customers a range of sustainable systems from which we can provide integrated solutions for their unique sustainable living requirements in order to assist them to achieve the Net Zero status they require.